Just a little bit about us and our love for reptiles. Like most of us in the snake community we find all reptile and amphibians fascinating, but I would have say out of all the snakes I have worked with the Western Hognose fits our family best.

My wife picked out my first pair of Western Hognose at a reptile show in 2000 and things just grew from there. We produced our first clutch of hogs in 2001, a small clutch of nine and all babies have grown to breed for me in 2003 and still remain in our collection today.

With some good advise and help from friends and family this has turned out to be a really cool hobby. I would like to thank all that helped my family along the way.

If you need references or more information about me and my products, please contact me. We have done business with some of the biggest and best breeders in the US. I will also ask for references from you as well. When selling high line investment animals, I must try to protect my investment along with all the investors involved.




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