How did I produce the first Anaconda?

It all started with a het Pink Pastel male (Richard Evans Blood Line) bred to a normal unrelated female in 2003. She produced 12 eggs in early 2004, nine eggs hatched out with only one F1 Anaconda and the rest having normal markings.


How did I come up with the name Anaconda?

When the first Anaconda hatched out the pattern and colors had a striking resemblance to the true Anaconda. At birth the Anacondas have dark brown saddles with light green overtone on the body and most have a solid black belly.


What are some of the visual traits of the Anaconda?

I get a lot of emails and phone calls asking if their reduced pattern Hognose is a possible Anaconda (thanks for all the cool photos). When the anacondas hatch out 70% of the time you can tell with ease, but sometimes some can be harder to tell than others .The best two ways to tell is the severely reduced pattern or the belly pattern. The belly will be a solid black or just a small amount of marking only in the center of the belly.



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