First time ever at

2011 the first Extreme Red Albino Superconda
produced here at


2010 is off to a smashing start with the first ever pink pastel anaconda coined as the Pink Panther.
This was produce by breeding a superconda to an anaconda, a small clutch of eight, hatched out
three supercondas four anacondas and one pink pastel anaconda.

In 2009 some truly amazing anaconda were produed,
the first albino anaconda and the big surprise was the first ever anerythristic anaconda.

First Anery Anaconda ever !

First Albino Anaconda

First Creamsicle Albino Anaconda


In 2008 the unbelievable happened when the first patternless western hognose was produced, the Superconda!

The first striped western hognose was produced in 2007.


These are 2006 offspring from a F/2 anaconda male to an
unrelated normal female from Outback Reptiles, proven as a dominate trait again.


These are the first anaconda off spring produced in 2005 ,
from f/1 anaconda male to unrelated female from Rick Krumrine.
Proven to be a dominate trait at this time.

The first anaconda produced in 2004.



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