Project History

The Superconda  (Western Hognose) was produced from breeding two Anacondas together. The Anaconda is the  first  proven co-dominate trait in Western Hognose. The first Anaconda was produced in the 2004 breeding season by breeding a het pink pastel male (Richard Evans Stock) to a normal female. The name Anaconda came from the reduced pattern with only spots in the center of the dorsal scales and the belly pattern in solid black. In 2005 I produced my first clutch of Anacondas by breeding the first F1 Anaconda to an unrelated female, some of the offspring having the same pattern or very similar.  In 2006 I produced another clutch from breeding a F2 male to an unrelated normal female with the same results.  I was able to finally produce a female Anaconda in early 2007, and after a long wait I produced two Supercondas in 2008. The Anaconda Hognose has endless breeding possibilities with all the vibrant colors and patterns.




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